Gogata Logistics

Gogata reached out to Toonifique to help create a mobile application that functions optimally, with the aim of making their services easier for customers. They wanted an application with beautiful user experience, catchy designs and flawless operation.

We tackled this task head on. First we ensured we understood the problem at hand and the exact solution we are to provide. Then we laid out the flow and features of the app using wireframing tools, non-core features were removed and design came in. This is because we don’t joke with users' experience and graphics, because that is what speaks to our client more. Our developers got to work, they built a responsive application. In no time at all, our quality engineers tested the app to prove its functionality.

The mobile application was launched on its proposed date, we function with time and never miss our deadlines. Toonifique even got an invite to grace the launch, and this was because Gogata enjoyed our services. We are to integrate more features into the mobile app, due to the feedback received from analytics. At Toonifique, we follow up our works closely till we are sure that users are satisfied with the application.


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